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Lord & Lady Farm


Lord & Lady Farm is a part of Lord & Lady Construction and is also run by our husband and wife team, Thomas & Laura Cavendish.  The birds are watched over by Thomas, Laura, daughter, Arya, Laura’s mother, Mae and our good friend, Ryan.  


Their small homestead is located on the same property as their home and covers roughly one to one and a half acres of hilly terraced land.  On this land they garden every vegetable and fruit that Laura can get her hands on, raise rare heritage chickens, heritage pigs and sometimes duck, heritage turkey and quail.  They run a vegetable/fruit/herb/flower and egg CSA (community supported agriculture).


They live as organically, healthy and planet friendly as possible, and because they're not perfect, they strive for more every day.  If you would like more information about the homestead or their CSA's, check out our FARM CSA section or email us today!



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