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Painting, Refinishing & Drywall 



Here at Lord & Lady Construction, we work mainly with Sherwin Williams paints, but are flexible and will use other brands, or your own paint, if you prefer. We try to always use low or no-VOC paints.  We'll paint anything from your front door, to the whole house inside and out, and can smooth out those popcorn ceilings too!  We have a few of our painting, drywall and refinishing projects pictured here below, however, we always do our own drywall and painting on any project, so nearly all our remodel projects in other galleries, are also examples of this work. 


And if you're looking for a mural or something more detailed, keep in mind our Lady Cavendish's has a degree in Fine Arts, Oil Painting, and she has done hundreds of pieces, had gallery shows and won countless awards, so she might be able to come up with just the look you're hoping for!  Check out more of her painting work, here.

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