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Bathroom Remodel
Traverse City, MI
Whole Home Remodel 
Traverse City, MI

Lord and Lady made our dreams come true! They worked very diligently to stay within budget, made smart materials choices, offered a professional, thoughtful design eye, and most importantly, the integrity of the craftsmanship is impeccable! I am now living in my dream home! Thank you, Thomas and Laura (Lord and Lady), from the bottom of our hearts!

I was thinking about you guys last night as I was once again admiring and enjoying our bathroom.  Thanks again.  And if you meet another woman who wants a jacuzzi tub, but her husband doesn't, encourage her to go for it!

We just love our new floors, but what I love even more is when I had my friends over for a party, they all couldn't believe it was bamboo!  They all raved and raved about how beautiful and upscale they looked.  Now they're all jealous and want their own bamboo floors - I love it!

It is very important that your builder not only know how to build, and build well - but that you like them, since you are going to spend vast amounts of time with them and they are responsible for your dreams - in a way.  Thomas and Laura have been the only options in this area. Builders I have worked with in the past send you away and frown on you being on-site, but Lord and Lady are not hiding anything and want you to be a part of the process, they become your friends in the end, as it should be!

Hardwood Flooring Install
Traverse City, MI
Home Remodel 
Suttons Bay, MI

We feel the Best Insight comes from those with Previous Experience


So here are a few reviews from our customers!

Thomas repaired our chimney after a major leak into the house last fall. With the rough winter we have had, I am so pleased to say that it did not leak at all!  What a relief!

I have used the services of Thomas numerous times and I am always pleased with the knowledge and skill that he brings to the work.  My remodeling became more involved than initially expected, so when we took down the drywall and found more problems, it was a relief to know that Thomas was able to solve the problem with an affordable solution quickly!

Chimney Repair
Traverse City, MI
Home Addition and Remodel 
Northport, MI

Thomas always cleans up the work area when he leaves and while doing the job he was careful to make every effort to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the rest of my home.  Compared to other contractors I have worked with, this was a welcome surprise, that seemed second nature to Thomas, as it should be!

After all the bad building experiences I've had, it's a miracle to find a contractor I know I can trust.  I look forward to working with you again.

Exterior Stonework & Patios
Cedar, MI
Stair Remodel & Stonework
Northport, MI

Great & beautifully done work, you really came through for me when I was in a pinch!  Thanks!

Absolutely the nicest quotation document I've ever seen - the details and specifics really let me know what I'll be paying for!  Your clear, line-by-line breakdown of the financials, made the loan process with the bank so much easier.

Exterior Stonework & Patios
Northport, MI
Whole Home Remodel
Traverse City, MI

Thomas does amazing, quality work.  Great communication.  They work with you to fit your budget and fit the vision.  I have had Thomas and Laura do several jobs, including a full bathroom remodel (it was just an unfinished room before), small jobs like replacing lights and doors and built my handicapped accessible ramp.  Couldn't be happier.

We hired Lord & Lady Construction to build us a new deck, railing and two short staircases, which involved first dismantling and disposing of the old deck.  In addition, Thomas Cavendish put in two retaining walls around some of our flower beds.  The arrangement was professional, the work done impeccable and delivered in a timely manner.

Whole Basement Remodel
Wyoming, MI
Deck & Retaining Walls
Northport, MI
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