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Our Warranty


Here at Lord & Lady Construction we stand behind our work - that is why we offer a two-year warranty on all work completed. 


This warranty begins when completion contracts are signed by both Lord & Lady and the client.  The warranty will not be honored if payment in full has not been received from the client.  If the client themselves or other contractors are brought in by the client to complete work designated under Lord & Lady’s contract - Lord & Lady Construction’s warranty will be void.  Warranty is valid only if Lord & Lady Construction completes all aspects of the job - particularly a thorough cleaning of the structure to ensure that all finishes to be carried out - adhere correctly. The warranty covers fault or failure caused by the work or materials themselves, manufacturer default or failure - warranty does not cover destruction or damage caused by improper use or outside forces (weather, fire, etc).  


Lord & Lady will honor our warranty in all cases possible.  We always encourage, and ask, that if you ever have any problems with any of the work we are completing, or have completed, to bring it to our attention immediately.  We strive to always provide honest, reliable, professional and exceptional work on all projects, and if we have somehow faultered in this goal, we want to know about it and resolve the issue as soon as possible.


To view further details about our warranty, visit our Contracts & Paperwork page, or view Page 2 of our Sample Contract for projects longer than a month.


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