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Our Designs


You may have noticed that here at Lord and Lady we have a lot of distinct and unique designs.  All of those designs are created in-house with the skilled hands and mind of our owner, marketing director and designer, Laura.  Though they might just appear to be little drawings or do-hickeys placed around, every design has a lot of thought and meaning behind it.


One design of ours that has special significance to us is our logo, because of this, we would like to share some of the meanings, heart and soul, put into it.

The first thing you may notice is the colors - green and gold - those colors were chosen to represent our "green" and elemental philosophy.


You may also notice around our name - the outline of a fleur-de-lis - this symbol is very important to Thomas and Laura, as it is a part of an 11th century English crown, which was used as their wedding emblem, in part, because Thomas is English.  They even have this crown tattooed on both their arms!  They therefore felt it appropriate to incorporate a part of that symbol into their business logo - representing the love and commitment to the business, each other, the work and of course, the customers!


Next, you can see the shield outline that is connected to the fleur-de-lis.  This is used to once again represent our owners English heritage and as family shields were used to represent family crests, using the shield to represent the family element of our business.

In the center of the shield, sitting on the fleur-de-lis is a bird.  This bird is tied to the meaning behind the shield and Thomas and Laura's love of nature, the Earth and organic lifestyle.  In English tradition, family crests has their specific symbols and icons, however, each son, when he starts his own family and takes on the family crest, adds a symbol to represent what son he was in the family.  The symbol to represent the fourth son, which our owner Thomas is, is a bird.  The bird, therefore, represents his family tie and pays tribute to his father and all he learned growing up in his father's landscaping and construction business.


Then finally, behind the bird you will notice the silhouette of birch trees.  Those trees are based off the birch trees that grow in the swamp in Laura and Thomas' yard at their home, Woods and Water.  These trees were used to represent two things: Laura's family ties and the environmental and renewable aspect of our business.  The birch trees on their property were planted by her maternal grandmother, Dorthea Thomas.  And birch trees are fast-growing and can be used for multiple purposes.

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