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New Home Considerations


When considering building a new home, there are so many aspects to consider, it can feel overwhelming at times!  Our goal here at Lord & Lady is to make that process as smooth as possible, while outlining as many of the choices and decisions for your project as much ahead of time as possible. 


Sample New Home Considerations - this questionnaire takes you through a variety of the aspects we will want to discuss when planning your home project.

Sample Change Orders


Sometimes projects run into hiccups or homeowners decide they want a different style option, etc.  When this happens, if it is going to affect the final cost by more that $250, we stop and discuss the problem or change, until everyone comes to agreement on the proper solution and course of action.  We then create a Change Order and get everyone's signatures, acknowledging the additional costs.  This ensures that you, the homeowner, won't get a surprise bill at the end of a project.  


Sample Change Order - all our change orders look like this.

Sample Certainty Pledge


Our Certainty Pledge, is more like a questionnaire.  We provide this to all clients, along with their contract.  We always ask that if the homeowners feel there is any information on the form, that they feel we should know, to please fill it out.  If homeowners choose not to fill out our pledge, we are always sure to verbally discuss the site location for any storage of materials or washing of equipment.


Sample Certainty Pledge for Masonry Project - our pledge when we're completing a masonry project.


Sample Certainty Pledge for Non-Masonry Project - our pledge for when we're completing any project except masonry.

Contracts and Paperwork


Here at Lord & Lady Construction, we feel that communication is the foundation for any project, from small to large.  That is why we work to have clear and concise paperwork throughout the process.  


We start by providing you with a detailed estimate, and if you choose to move forward on the project a comprehensive contract and certainty pledge are created.  If any alterations or changes to the project arise, we stop and create a change order, reviewing all the choices and costs associated with the change, prior to continuing the work and implementing the adjustment.  Finally, once work is completed, we create an invoice, outlining all your payments and clearing listing any cost changes.  


Below we have blank examples of all of our paperwork, for you to review, prior to starting any work with us.  Obviously, if you are going to hire Lord & Lady to complete a project with you, we will create all of these documents for you specifically.  But here you can get an idea of what we believe in and how seriously we take the responsibility of building in your home.

Sample Invoice


Invoices are sent out, usually via email, either once a project is finished, or if it is a project longer than 30 days, we'll send you an invoice every 30 days.


Sample Invoice for Project In-Process - this is a sample invoice for projects that have timelines over 30 days, and therefore require multiple payments over time.


Sample Invoice for Completed Project - this is a sample invoice for projects that have timelines less that 30 days.

Lead Safe Contract


Here at Lord & Lady Construction, we are an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm.  If you work with us on a project and your home was built prior to 1978, we are required to explain and share Lead Safe information with you.  Once you have reviewed the materials, we must receive your signature on this form, indicating that you understand the situation and risks.


Lead Safe Pre-Renovation Contract - this is the form that we are required to have signed on record.

Lead Safe Brochure 


Here at Lord & Lady Construction, we are an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm.  If you work with us on a project and your home was built prior to 1978, we are required to provide you with the following documents to comply with EPA required regulations.   


Lead Safe Renovator Right Brochure - this is the brochure that we will supply to anyone who is having us complete work on a home that was built prior to 1978.


Lead Safe Checklist - this is the checklist we will use on any project that is completed on a home built prior to 1978.

Sample Contracts


Almost every project we complete has a contract.  Our contract outlines what is to be done, what the expected responsibilities and timeframes are, and what payments are due when.  When a project is complete, we ask every client to sign the contract again, stating that the job is completed as expected, and this signature (and final payment) start your two year warranty.


Sample Over 30 Day Contract - this contract outlines a project that would take over thirty days to complete.


Sample Under 30 Day Contract - this contract outlines projects that are expected to take, less that thirty days to complete.

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